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Aro-fo CD compilation

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:50 am
by tachikaze
hit JPS. I had heard most of these songs in snippets but nice to check them out in whole.

Listening to PIECE OF MY WISH, I had no idea Miki Imai could sing so well (this song came out in 1991, a year before I arrived, and Imai's later stuff isn't as good). While lacking Miwa's overall peak power her voicing is so clear and controlled, better than anything I've heard Miwa do (eg. the quiet middle 8 of Ginga-e-no-Fune). PRINCESS PRINCESS and REBECCA were also before my time, but their respective "daihyo" songs are pretty good. Tohko Furuuchi's Dare-yori Suki-na-no-ni is rather mesmerizing.

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:16 pm
by tachikaze
oh man, hearing Princess Princess' M from JPS made me also check out PP's Last Live dual DVD when it became available last week. Not having TV in Tokyo until 1997 (and being FOB in 1992), I pretty much missed the PP boom and had no impression of their career arc until last week. Catching some informative TV clips from youtube, I see they played a pivotal role in the development of JPOP, paving the way for just about everybody who followed them, including DCT.

Gah. Now I'm smitten with the early 90s Kaori Okui; I find 'akarui' most attractive, and she could bring it. Reading her official blog, it's totally bizarre instantly jumping from being 'hamatted' in her early career to reading about her busy life as a 40yo mom.

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:35 am
by tachikaze
I found some Oricon sales numbers for PP:

1988年2月25日 19 GROWING UP-ode to my buddy- 1.6万 62位
1988年5月21日 GO AWAY BOY 4.7万 19位
1988年10月21日 GET CRAZY! 11.9万 13位
1989年4月21日 DIAMONDS<ダイアモンド> 109.7万 1位
1989年7月1日 世界でいちばん熱い夏 86.5万 1位
1990年4月21日 OH YEAH! 57.5万 1位
1990年11月21日 ジュリアン 58.5万 1位
1991年5月10日 KISS 40.1万 1位
1991年10月25日 SEVEN YEARS AFTER 28.1万 3位
1992年2月5日 ジャングル プリンセス 13.4万 13位
1992年5月21日 パイロットになりたくて 12.3万 6位
1994年5月1日 THE SUMMER VACATION 8.1万 21位
1995年10月21日 Fly Baby Fly 3.2万 28位
1996年2月1日 夏の終わり 3.4万 27位

This is only about half their singles but it certainly tells the story. 19 Growing Up was their 4th single but the first to chart. They re-issued their second single, 世界でいちばん熱い夏, after DIAMONDS and it became the #2 single for 1989. Just goes to show that success breeds success and if you don't gambaru you won't get that success at all.

Only selling 34,000 singles for their last was pretty brutal. Assuming the band gets Y100 per single (which if anything is high) that's only Y680,000 per member. Beats working at Tengu but still.

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:32 pm
by tachikaze
OK, after further review I don't find PP's catalog particularly deep.

But Romancin' Blue (1988), Seven Years After (1991), and Voice (1993) are awesome, awesome songs. The latter isn't AFAICT on Youtube but I intend to fix that . . .