Masa speaking the "truth" about Miwa?

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Masa speaking the "truth" about Miwa?

Post by nakoruru » Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:50 am

Guys, I usually don't keep up with Japanese celebrity gossip but apparently Masa decided to speak up the "truth" about Miwa. I won't bother to TRY to translate the entire articles, I really still can't do a good job... :roll: But I clearly understand some of Masa quotes on these - please by all means, if I did translate anything wrong, let me know:

In one of the articles Masa says "Do you hate me?"

He says she is a very difficult person that has this nice person "character" to her. Around the time she realized the first B&H album, she said she would quit the band. She didn't want Masa to be the producer, she didn't want to have to listen to his ideas. She wanted to have her own song to the music. I got the impression he said he feels like she is someone who never grew up, but I'm not entirely sure if I understood it correctly.

He said 30 years ago he wanted to write lyrics too. She said that he has no talent to sing or to write lyrics.

He also said from now on, it is all about Miwa. He is a fan of hers so he wants to see her singing on TV, in this aspect he is her fan and he wants to support her this way. ... 0227.shtml

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