Alternate Versions / Recordings of DCT Songs

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Alternate Versions / Recordings of DCT Songs

Post by Yukifox » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:11 am

With the new 3 CD greatest hits coming out, I'm always curious as if I should bother with that sort of thing. I love DCT, Masa and Miwa (and Niehya, too!) but imports are expensive and I'm on a very limited budget so I usually shy away from non-studio album releases unless I have spare cash or there's something special about them!

Of course, we all know that singles and greatest hits CDs generally have different versions than the albums to entice buyers (though this has slowed down a bit with the advent of the digital single release.) So, it made me curious... what different versions ARE there? I haven't heard all the versions from all the singles so it's hard to say.

Is there another version of U!T!D! (not the Everlasting Version) from a single? Are any of the Greatest Hits versions of the songs edited or unique in any way? What about the one off special edition releases? Live cuts?

I'm the kind of person for spreadsheets, so these kind of things always pique my interest. Anyone know of any significant or memorable ones?

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