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Post by CooLDsteR » Sat Oct 11, 2008 1:02 am

Well, I finally got around to getting it. 'Thought I'd share my impression:

Holy crap! Time machine! Miwa's short hair. Colorful outfits. Electronic music. Tucked in shirts... etc etc =) lol! oops, sry--
Really, it was a really great DVD. Miwa sure was cute back then! ^_^ But what seems crazy is that her voice is virtually the same! And plus, even in the colorful outfits of the period, she STILL looked cute, too! lol. It was interesting to note that she must have been singing incredibly strong to be sweating her body over. I mean, dang! Like during Mirai Yosouzu II? her whole skin was literally glistening. Sweat or for show? Hmm. Prob. sweat. o.O

I definitely see timeless things in her and things of "that time" in her, also. xD There was a teaser of '95 WL which I thought was insane! Time to get the rest of WL DVD's out there.

Oh btw, the features clip that has a spot when they're goofing off on the train and all 3 squeeze on a seat... funny how they all put up papers with DCT on the cover, then Masa put his up last and his had Michael Jackson's new album with the stylish face mask. lol.

:D Nice.

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Post by Johnny » Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:05 am

I haven't seen the dvd but have seen clips of it on youtube and really like the dance melody part with medicine , it's too late ect. and I really like there first album I want to buy a copy.

Also I have seen the clip of mirai yosouzu II and if that's sweat whoa but that was a good live version.

I also want to buy wonderland 1995

Masa and Miwa and Takahiro too
now a duo dreams come true. :)

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