[Recovered] Another us-mix NYC report from J-Ent

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[Recovered] Another us-mix NYC report from J-Ent

Post by Jei » Fri Sep 20, 2002 1:27 am

I found another NYC report from the J-Ent ML:
(Thanks to Liz for letting me repost this here)

From: LizB1979@aol.com
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 8:58 PM
Subject: [J-Ent ML] Dreams Come True in NY

Hey all... anyone else at the DCT concert last night (two nights ago by the time you read this probably)??? I was one of the handful of caucasian females (overall the crowd was about 99% Japanese... or at least asian)...

Overall it was a good show. I suspect the "new material" from the DC concert was the same "new material" she sang last night in NY...

Was anyone here actually at the DC concert?? In NY Ron Sexsmith opened for them and then came on latter for the song they wrote together (didn't sound like he opened Dc from the report Dennis forwarded)... the song they did together was really good! but his solo stuff was just average in my opinion... I thought the crowd was receiving him really well (especially considering most people really hadn't expected him to be there), but then I realized they only clapped after each song cause they thought that it was the end of his set and DCT would come out soon. Tough to be an opening act...

DCT played for about 1.5 hours including encores (again probably the same as DC)... It was really great to see them in such a small venue. Miwa is really powerful and really lights the whole place up. I vaguely remember reports from the first US tour 4 or 5 years ago saying that they only sang songs from their English language album and didn't do their hits... well they learned from there mistakes (if in fact I am remembering correctly) and this time they did a mix of old and new, English and Japanese. I would recommend it to anyone who even just sort of likes DCT or is into J-pop cause they really do put on a good show...

On the negative side though... their set was relatively short compared to the incredible amount of waiting and standing around. The people in the front half of the room had been waiting outside since around 6:30, they started letting people in at 8:00, and even though the incredibly orderly Japanese crowd was probably settled by 8:30 it didn't start until 9:00 at which point there was the opening act for 30 minutes and another 30 minute wait... so after three and a half hours of standing in line and in a rush hour train like crowd DCT was on for an hour and a half (granted at that point I probably couldn't have stood much more...) Now some of this was our own fault (standing in line etc), but it seems like with a little more tech rehearsal the in between stuff could have been shortened significantly... oh well.... it really was worth the wait in my opinion, and I'm not what you'd call a fanatic DCT fan... if they are coming anywhere near you get out the! re to see it (especially all you non-Asian people... gotta show them we exist!!) and get tickets early I heard they were available until a couple of days before the show, but by the show date they had sold out (it really was a good size crowd... the entire Japanese population of NY I think :) )
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