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DCT Wonderland 2007 Tickets for Overseas Fans! (NOW!)

Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 6:41 am
by Jei
Dreams Come True is currently accepting applications from overseas fans who are interested in tickets to the Dreams Come True Wonderland 2007 concert series!

Applications will be accepted from Friday, May 25th, 12:00pm until Thursday, May 31st, 12:00pm Japan Time.
(Thursday, May 24th, 11:00pm until Wednesday, May 30th, 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time)

You can apply for up for those tickets:

You can also see the DWL2007 venues in English:

Put in your application today!

Posted: Sun May 27, 2007 2:37 am
by tachikaze
going for the first Tokyo show.

Wasn't planning on going back to Japan this year, but what the hell. Late September is the best time to see Japan.

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 5:08 pm
by newrynyuk
Just heard today I got my tickets for Wonderland 2007!! I'm on my way to Fukuoka for Sunday 11th of August!!!!! This whole deal is gonna be almighty expensive. But what the hell, I might never get the chance to attend a Wonderland extravaganza again. Cost be damned.

Any other forum posters have any luck with their applications?

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:27 pm
by sdankoehler
Got my tickets! September 22 in Tokyo. I think that's the first show! It's going to rock!

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 11:12 am
by tachikaze
uh-oh! no word yet . . .

newrynyuk: if you're in the US I know some good bucket shops that sell R/T for tickets $400 or so.

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 5:09 pm
by newrynyuk
tachikaze: Sadly, I'm in London. And from here, return flights to Japan in August are gonna be in the region of $1,400! Indeed that's gotta hurt...

Once there, it won't be as bad. A 7 day Japan Rail Pass will work out at about $280.


Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 11:24 pm
by tachikaze
Thank you for your inquiry.
We sent you a result to your email address June 4. It might get lost along the net. But we are happy to inform you that your ticket purchase has been confirmed.

Show information:
Date/Venue: Sat 22 September / National Stadium(Tokyo)

See you there, Dan! I chose the first show to maximize my chances of not getting shut out of the ticket lottery, but perhaps there was enough to go around. Plus they'll be coming off a couple of weeks rest so I think they'll be super genki for the first National Stadium gig -- playing the National Stadium is a pretty big deal apparently, being the major site of the 1964 Olympics makes it kinda holy ground for Japanese.

hmm, kinda wonder where they will put us, but after the 2002 show/experience I could care less really!

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 1:03 pm
by Jei
Excellent! We should all meet for Dinner or something before the show :)

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 6:12 pm
by sdankoehler
Anyone have any knowledge of Tokyo's train system? I'm not sure which hotels are closest to the stadium, and which train stations, etc...or how much to bring for train fare? Any suggestions?

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:31 pm
by Jei
sdankoehler wrote:Anyone have any knowledge of Tokyo's train system? I'm not sure which hotels are closest to the stadium, and which train stations, etc...or how much to bring for train fare? Any suggestions?
A little info ala Wiki:

"Access to the stadium is from Sendagaya or Shinanomachi stations along the JR Chūō-Sōbu Line; from Kokuritsu Kyogijo Station on the Toei Oedo Line; and from Gaienmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line."

The Kokuritsu Kyogijo Stattion on the Oedo link is three stops south of the main Shinjuku station. Sendagaya & Shinanomachi are two and three stops south of Shinjuku respectively. You shouldn't have to pay more than 200yen one way for any of them.

The stadium is at the bottom edge of the Shinjuku area or the top edge of the Asakasa area depending upon which book you read. There's also Roppongi to the south and Harajuku to west too.

2 1/2 months to go :)

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 1:41 am
by tachikaze
trains around Tokyo basically cost Y200 ($1.50) per trip, more or less. You can buy a pre-paid pass (at the station) that works on all train systems now. . . HIGHLY recommended to avoid ticket lines (and it makes transfers really easy).

I'll be most definitely getting a Japan Rail Pass (I'll be spending a minimal amount of time in Tokyo and a maximal amount everywhere else). . . if you're planning on taking any longish train (to eg. Kyoto) it pays for itself. You can only buy these outside of Japan (the cheap airfare places sell them).

As for hotels, the stadium itself is in a residential / lower density dead zone southeast of Shinjuku and northeast of Harajuku/Shibuya.

I made a pleasure trip to Tokyo in 2002 with 6 coworkers and we stayed at an Apartment Hotel thing in Akasaka for $60 or so a night/person.

Akasaka is central location but a bit of a backwater so I recommend the Shibuya/Harajuku (Harajuku is a ~10 minute walk from Shibuya) area.

It's the tourist off season so most cheaper hostels etc should have spaces available. The Lonely Planet guidebook would be a good purchase, guess I'll have to get that now.

Hotel ranges start at $50/night from semi-cruddy no-reservation-needed (ie smoking and not-very-new) business hotels and go up to $100+ for decent 3-star and $200+ for VERY nice 4 stars. Hostels & guest houses are great for meeting people but I'm too old for that now. . .

I see expedia has hotel listings for Shibuya so I might book through them.

(I'm going to be backpacking & playing it by ear for the first week of the trip so anchoring the end of the trip with a weekend in the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya is tempting . . .)

I'll be flying back from the trip on the Sunday after the concert.

Yen rate at Y120+ is reasonably favorable. Hope it stays. Best way to bring money to Japan is traveller's checks that you cash at the airport or a bank in the city.

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 2:03 am
by tachikaze
expedia has the Shibuya Excel Tokyu @ $147/night. . .

looking at the hotel's actual internet site I see its rates are Y20000 / ~$160, so expedia isn't a rip-off at least.

If you're looking for more budget-y accomodations there's ryokans -- essentially cheap small private hotels that seem to be about Y6000 / $50 per night.

The Japanese Inn Group is allegedly more used to dealing with foreigners (the quality ryokans generally don't bother).

Note that staying close to the stadium really isn't that necessary . . . the concert is starting at 5:00PM and will get over by 11:00 to allow people to take the trains home (last trains are ~12:00ish).

But the Shibuya/Shinjuku area is where most of the cool stuff in Tokyo is so that's not a bad base.

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:06 am
by tokyophoto
For those of you who got tickets through the international lottery, how good were your seats?

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:55 am
by newrynyuk
tokyophoto wrote:For those of you who got tickets through the international lottery, how good were your seats?
I saw Wonderland 2007 at the Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome. I was seated where behind the home plate would have been in the baseball stadium. I was about 30 feet away from the mini stage at the back but miles from the main stage. But I was just happy to be there at all to be honest. Isn't it fan club members who have priority on the best tickets?

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:08 pm
by nogizaka
POWER PLANT got us pretty good seats for the 20th Anniversary Tour; we're hoping we can make the lottery again for this tour.