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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 12:40 pm
by newrynyuk
Looks like y'all had a great time, and the National Stadium looks fantastic. Presumably these were the concerts filmed for the DVD? Any indication as to when it will be released? Fingers crossed for another pre-Christmas treat to go along with the new album.

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:00 pm
by sdankoehler
Ok...still in recovery...but will do my best. Here is my initial review for Saturday 9/22 at the National Stadium.

I don't think the set was any different from the other concerts, but I also think they played every verse for their songs this time. The show ended at about 8:25 PM. Almost 3.5 hours of the best concert I've ever seen!

As for seats, I was probably further back than anyone, about 18 rows up in the stands and just slightly left of center stage, but you sure couldn't beat the backdrop of downtown Tokyo over the stage. Truly magic!

As for the weather. One word describes it. HOT! Coming from a region of California where we have NO humidity whatsoever, this was an experience. I spent most of my time in Tokyo completely soaked! No problem. I can live with that. Tokyo is such an awesome city!

I arrived about 3 hours early with Jei and Kenneth from the forum. Thankfully Jei had done his homework and knew exactly how to get to the stadium.

After a very interesting but still delicious lunch (was that bacon or ham?) at a cafe in Akasaka we headed for the stadium and began encountering fans waiting for both DCT and the upcoming Yakult Swallows game that night. I must say the DCT fans appeared to be quite amazed at the sight of 3 Americans heading for National Stadium. We first went to the goods area. Here you could buy all kinds of DCT memorabilia and even leave a message for the band, if you were willing to wait in a line that probably lasted about an hour. I wanted to leave a message, but if the choice was leave a message or miss the start of the show, obviously I wanted to see the show. Although looking back on it now, I probalby wouldn't have missed anything.

OK...finally the reason for this post...the concert!

5:00 PM on cue the theme from wonderland begins, and everyone stands (and remains standing for the whole show). The canvas with the DWL 2007 logos around the center collapses to reveal marchers with drums. They procede to march on of whom falls on his face. Thankfully he got up without any apparent injury. Masa appears on stage...yes in dragon pants as Jei pointed out. The crowd goes insane for Masa. Of course at the peak of the marching, Miwa appears in what I must say is among the most dramatic entrances I've ever seen! I think I'll save a full description for those of you waiting for the DVD. It makes a much larger impact if you don't expect it. I will say her outfit seemed to be intended to make her appear like a Japanese crane!

She started by slowly singing Ureshi Tanoshi Daisuki...between tears. Miwa-san was having difficulty not crying, apparently at the sight of such an enormous crowd! I don't think anyone in my section had dry eyes either. I started to break down too! I think the audience made a real emotional connection here. After a few shared tears the music starts and everyone starts clapping to the beat of Ureshi Tanoshi Daisuki!

The next 3.5 hours were pure magic. There were some very funny moments in the show where there was a silence in the crowd and someone would yell something. I tried it a few times, and got a good laugh from the audience around me. I yelled "WE LOVE YOU IN AMERICA!" at one point. That got some laughs. I also yelled "IT WAS WORTH THE TRIP!" at another point. Some more laughs. The most laughs came when they were "teaching us" to sing Love Love Love, and one of the backing vocals said in english "you understand?" I yelled "I don't!" A LOT of laughter after that one. I think most of the people around us seemed genuinely amazed we'd travel over 5,000 miles to see dorikamu! As I told one of the people sitting next to me..."5,240 miles and worth EVERY PENNY!"

Tachikaze is right about one thing. It's not like seeing them from 2 feet away in San Francisco, but in a lot of ways it was a better show! Nothing beats wonderland, and I think that is dorikamu's intention.

I'm already ready for 2011. I hope dorikamu is kind enough to invite us foreigners to purchase tickets again. It was truly a wonderful experience, and for me it was the most fun weekend of my life!

THANK YOU DORIKAMU! I now return to small-town California life a VERY happy man!

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:36 pm
by nakoruru
Thanks for the awesome review! Keep 'em coming, guys. And by the way, spoiler-free ones are probably better since we are going to hopefully get to see the surprises on the DVD.

Now it makes more sense what the narrators of the baseball game were talking about DCT for. It was something in the lines of "There is a group called Dreams Come True, they are doing a concert tonight." then the other narrator just says "I have no idea who they are!" then the other ones finishes up mentioned the weather was nice for the concert and such. ^^

Before I forget: DCT on Music Station on 10/5. Maybe some of you might be able to watch it live on TV while in Japan! ;)

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 3:01 pm
by newrynyuk
sdankoehler wrote:I don't think the set was any different from the other concerts, but I also think they played every verse for their songs this time. The show ended at about 8:25 PM. Almost 3.5 hours of the best concert I've ever seen!
You got the songs in their entireity? The must be the concert filmed for the DVD then!

I would have loved to have gone to the Tokyo Wonderlands, but scheduling conflicts meant I "only" got to go to the Fukuoka show. Nevermind, let's wait for that DVD.

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 11:19 pm
by Kudou
Two weeks have passed already, but here I am now after having gone to the concert with sdankoehler and Jei. I truely cannot express my thanks enough to dan for letting me have his extra ticket. I never would have thought I`d ever see DCT live! THANK YOU!!! :o

It surely was worth the trip, even in the humidity. As for a review, like others I can`t really do these things good at all so I`ll let dan`s review speak for me as well :P One of the biggest highlights for sure though was watching DCt make history when they did...well, what is mentioned in those news articles pasted earlier. I don`t know if everyone here knows yet or is waiting for the DVD to see or whatever, so I`ll just assume you guys know what I mean.. if you know. :p
I hope also that I helped dan enjoy the experience more with the best I could do of translation of what was being said. There were a few parts where I couldn`t make it out clearly enough so I apologize for anything I wasn`t able to translate. Still need more listening practice!!

I`m still in tokyo for another 2 weeks at the moment, so far just been building up a shrine of DCT goods I find at used cd/video shops(it really does get impulsive like dan warned me about shopping in Japan, it`s like treasure hunting!). Wish I could see the DCT Garden in Ikeda but that will have to wait until another year.

Anyways, thanks again to both dan and jei. Perhaps we well see each other again someday at another concert(next time I`ll be buying the ticket myself!).

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:10 am
by sdankoehler
Well, if they invite foreigners to buy tickets again in 2011, I'm there!

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 8:36 am
by Spaceman
sdankoehler wrote:Well, if they invite foreigners to buy tickets again in 2011, I'm there!
I sent them an e-mail back thanking them for allowing us to buy tickets and hope that they will offer them up again in the future.
No reply yet though.