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Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:21 pm
by Jei
Those if doesn't officially say SOLD OUT, there looks to be no tickets available for the Los Angeles and Anaheim shows :)

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:41 am
by sdankoehler
There appears to be a few left in Seattle...While it will take a COMPLETE miracle for me to get the time off for it, I want to try to go, now that I live in the northwest.

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:46 pm
by Jei
Both LA shows are officially SOLD OUT now :)

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:01 am
by Spaceman
Tickets available on Ebay for who still really want to go 8) ... Categories

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:11 pm
by Kudou
Kinda last minute but anyone meeting up for the LA show tonight? If you wanna find me just look for the white guy(if there are others...well, it'll probably just be safe to look for the white guy that isn't
together with an asian girlfriend :p).

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:09 am
by Jei
Kudou wrote:Kinda last minute but anyone meeting up for the LA show tonight? If you wanna find me just look for the white guy(if there are others...well, it'll probably just be safe to look for the white guy that isn't
together with an asian girlfriend :p).
How'd it go? :)
(Yes, you must reply right now :D)
Hope you had a great time!

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:55 pm
by Kudou
It was amazing! Felt so surreal to see DCT in person again after 4 years, especially here in America. They did a lot of more obscure songs I didn't expect like Taiyou ga miteru, torisu to risuba, and It's so delicious. The energy in the place was great! Couldn't have expected a more enthusiastic crowd. I got to be on the floor level so I was kinda close to the stage though still crowded out a bit.
Miwa is so adorable the way she performs, you can tell she's really having fun. You'd swear she's still a teenager! Masa tried to speak English for the audience with a mix of Japanese. I was actually surprised how well he spoke English since I've never seen him speak more than a few words. Miwa spoke a little English too but most of the show it was all in Japanese. Miwa would sometimes go backstage after a song and Masa would be left to speak to the audience. At one point a guy yelled "Masa I love you!" and he replied" I love you too". He'd always get interrupted by Miwa when she came back though and she was ready to continue! At one point Miwa introduced a special guest just for tonight's show, who turned out to be trumpet player Greg Adams. He stuck around for a couple songs then came out once more later.
This part might be a spoiler so don't read if you haven't seen the show favorite part was when they performed this song that had a line like "Stop talking, start stripping". Miwa came out in bunny ears and was sliding her finger across the dancer's crotch...was so funny! :p I don't know what song it was though. I'm still not too familiar with their past two albums I admit so there were a select few songs I didn't know.
It was brought to out attention before the show began that they're filming the show so we weren't allowed to use cameras. I wonder if they just film all their performances or this one specifically was chosen for a broadcast/dvd later on?

I really wonder if the set list will differ for each venue. Wish I could go to the Anaheim show if tickets were still available. Being that its at Disney Land it's sure to be a special experience!

Sorry this is so unorganized! Maybe after other people have gone I'll post more from my experience when I don't have to worry about spoiling much.

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:14 am
by tokyophoto

The Los Angeles show was fantastic. Of course the spectacle of the large stadium shows I saw in Tokyo was absent, but the "stripped-down" version was still quite energetic.

The horn section was there (50-member brass band stayed back in Japan), and the smaller venue gave better focus to the amazing backup dancers AKS.

It was great to see the show being conducted almost entirely in Japanese, but we are definitely getting the "quiet" version of Masa this time around. As much as I appreciated the packed set list, I really wish we could get more of Masa's humor from past tours.

Miwa of course pronounced us all "L.A. Wonder Babies" and talked briefly about how happy they were to return to L.A. (*For fans who know their disappointment with their last "English-version" U.S. tour, you'll know she was being nice and focusing on the positive.)

I was lucky enough to get a "pit" writsband, so my friend and I were literally 10 feet from the stage -- an impossible occurence in Japan, and I talked to some of the fans who had seen shows in Japan also knew this was a great opportunity. As Kudou mentioned, there were few White Americans there. Unfortunately, right in front of me and my friends were two "pet" American boyfriends of Japanese girls, who dressed sloppy, unshaven, in shorts. They hung on the front rail looking bored the whole time, not clapping or smiling or singing, and that's just a waste.

But everyone else was having a great time. Just like the Tokyo shows, there was so much audience participation that it felt like a big party. Miwa REALLY TRULY knows how to work with her audience. Every section (even the high-up cheap seats) got some special attention.

The set list was pretty much the same from the Japan shows -- "Signs of Love", "Ring, Ring, Ring," and "Mata ne" were absent, though it was probably easier to cut those rather than restage them differently from the specific theatrical presentation they rehearsed for Japan.

After the show I met 4 fans from Saitama (wearing DCT Hokkaido shirts)who had flown in to see the L.A. show, and they're going to see the show again in Osaka in November. Every DCT fan seems to be so ready to be nice... it's really a testament to the power of this music.

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:07 am
by tokyophoto
And "Poison Central" -- up close in a small theater... really sexy.

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:20 pm
by nogizaka
Jei, Spaceman, this sounds like it's going to be good!!

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:51 pm
by tokyophoto
While I was in line for the L.A. show, there was a Japanese couple and their young child walking around with a sign (in Japanese): Dreams Come True - 2 tickets - Anaheim.

I talked them and it turns out the woman was 9 months pregnant and couldn't stand for the whole show, but House of Blues is standing-only. I hadn't planned on going to the Anaheim show (It's an hour drive from L.A. and when I came back from Japan I learned it was sold out anyway). I'd already spent plane/hotel/fan club/4 tickets, etc. for the Tokyo shows, so I was questioning how much I could feel good about spending on following Miwa & Masa around. :lol:

But on the spot I offered to buy them at regular price. She was hoping for more, so I encouraged her to keep looking and (sincerely) good luck if she could find a buyer. But after 20 minutes she came back and asked me if I still wanted them, so I bought the pair of tickets for $70.

Monday is a workday, and most of my friends in L.A. would not be able to get off work and drive down in time for the show, but I managed to find one friend who wanted to go... especially after I told her that DCT wasn't 3-people anymore. (Amazing to me how many Japanese friends stopped paying attention to DCT years ago!)

So I'm off to Anaheim!

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:38 pm
by Kudou
Damn, you're a lucky man, tokyophoto! Since I don't have a car Anaheim wouldn't be possible for me even if I did have tickets. You're gonna have an amazing experience tonight for sure. Be sure to let us know if it differs from the Wiltern show!
PS Those fans you described that weren't acting enthusiastic at all make my blood boil :evil:

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:10 pm
by Jei
Thanks for the reviews, Kudou & tokyophoto! :)
I'm getting stoked :)

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:36 am
by tokyophoto
You guys in Seattle & NY are in for a real treat. DCT is having a lot of fun playing these "small" shows, and they're experimenting with the arrangments and style so much, that there will be moments when you think this is Dreams Come True "the hard rock" band from Japan!

The Anaheim show at House of Blues was a smaller venue (1000 capacity vs. Wiltern's 2500). Only a few people took advantage of (or knew about) the early entrance ticket you got for eating at the restaurant beforehand, so once again I was 10 feet from the stage. Seriously -- to see this caliber of artist in a small venue for $35... impossible in Japan!

Because they had warmed up their smaller-tour set list in L.A., and because there was no official video setup (just a small camera capturing side-stage shots), this was a MUCH more fun and loose performance.

Masa was in top MC form, really having fun with the audience, and talking a lot more. Right at the beginning of the show, there was a feedback problem when Miwa came out to announce the official beginning of Dreams Come True Wonderland. The band kept going, but Miwa stopped them, smiled to the audience and essentially said "Do over!" and ran back offstage. They started the music again and she ran out and gave the official "Wonderland" start to the show.

There were a lot of bumpy moments and improvisation because of the small stage space, but this is a band of really seasoned performers, so they handled it with relaxed humor. One great moment was when a staff member ran out to give Miwa a big plastic trombone for "Ikite Yuku no Desu". Right away the slider came off onto the floor, and she couldn't put it back together right. She was laughing so hard she had to turn away and just mimic the movements until the horn section was over. Masa was laughing at her, too.

After that song, Miwa went offstage and Masa once again talked to the audience, reintroducing himself in English: "I am Masa. I am a member of the band Dreams Come True, and she is... the other one, who cannot play her trombone." The audience laughed. "Hey, it happens. It... Happens. So what..? It's okay!" Miwa came out and started whining and moving her head like a puppy on Masa's shoulder. The audience cheered for Miwa. "See," Masa said, "you guys always take her side." Miwa winked at the audience, with a super-cute face. "Thanks, guys!"

When the audience cheered again, Masa just nodded. "Right. I should... just... shut... my fucking mouth." Miwa gasps, "Masa!" Masa laughs with the audience and motions: "Bleep!"

Miwa is having a lot of fun in the California shows, and her performances of "Poison Central" and "To The Beat, Not To The Beat" are getting more overtly sexual. She's also really getting the hang of the Michael Jackson moves she busts out with AKS.

AKS -- outstanding. They are precise, fun, and they adapt to Miwa no matter what she does. If Fuzzy Control or Marcellus skipped a show, it wouldn't be that different, but the AKS element is an outstanding addition.

We got a lot of moments when Miwa was reaching out over the audience with her mic, and she's really loving the concentrated audience energy. Masa was having a lot of fun with "The Monster" and because this audience was giving 100% in sing-along participation, he was really engaged in leading us and the band simultaneously.

After the encore, we got a REALLY rare treat. The band said their second goodbyes, and the curtain closed. But this audience was not leaving, and continued to chant "Encore!" and "Mou ikkai!" A few people were starting to walk out from the back, but pretty much everyone was determined to get them to come out again. The house lights were on, the exit music was playing... and then the curtain opened.

Miwa & Masa came out together to say "Thank you" again and give heartfet thanks for such a warm welcome back to California after "a long absence." Miwa improvised an acapella verse and everyone just lit up with applause. Miwa cried again and they both waved goodbye.

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:29 pm
by Kohaku
Wow, tokyophoto, what a great review of the Anaheim show. I got a few laughs from it. I was surprised too, Masa cussing?? :shock: The performances of POISON CENTRAL and To the Beat, Not to the Beat getting more sexy? Oh my~

Really makes me wish I could go/could of gone to one of these shows. :( They sound great.