Las Vegas Show Report (Part 1 - The Facts)

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Las Vegas Show Report (Part 1 - The Facts)

Post by Jei » Sun Oct 13, 2002 1:45 am

Jei's DCT Las Vegas Show Report (Part 1 of 2)
(Part 2 can be found here)

Hey folks,

Just got back from the Airport...been running on fumes. A DCT concert and Las Vegas all in less than 24 hours...Aiya @_@

I'll give my impressions tomorrow...but for tonight, just the facts:


Concert: Dreams Come True monkey girl odyssey west coast mix

Location: House of Blues, Mandalay Bay Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Time: Doors Opened at 7pm; Opening Act at 8pm; DCT at 9pm


Opening Act: Shawn Eiferman (

Who?: Local Vegas Guitarist/Vocalist who plays the Vegas House of Blues frequently (Was a duo when they opened for DCT)

How long: Played for 30 minutes (5-6 songs)

Jei's Quick Opinion: Bloody Marvelous! I bought his CD afterwards...more about them later


DCT played for: 1.5 hours

The Band: 5 piece (Miwa [vocal], Masa [bass] , Twin #1 [electric & acoustic guitar], Twin #2 [Keyboards], Other guy [Drums/Percussion])

The Playlist:

* Snow Dance
* Suki dake ja dame nan da
* Pride nante shiranai
* Shiawase na karada (English Version)
* It's All About Love
* New English song (??? on title)
* crystal vine
* Flowers
* 24/7
* Asa ga mata kuru
* Itsu no ma ni
* Say It
* Love Love Love
* Encore 1: Ai suru kokoro
* Encore 2: Sankyu

Miwa's Outfit: Orange/Gold/Brown sparkling shoulderless top; Orange pants gold MGO logo embroidered top right leg; purple mgo logo tattoo on left upper arm (more detailed than normal mgo logo); larger sparker fluff thing on her posterior (sorry for the poor description...she's worn something like it in previous concerts); glittery tennis shoes (similar to past concerts)

Masa's Outfit: White Stetson/Cowboy Hat; Burgundy leather pants; White denim jacket without arms covering a grey t-shirt with writing that I never saw clearly

Jei has a good memory!: Jei has a horrible short term memory. Jei brought small pad & pen ^^

Full House?: 75ish% (85% on the floor/bar; 70% in the balcony seats)

What else?: Crowd was waiting in line a good 1 1/2 hours before the doors opened

And what else?: Plenty...Tomorrow, after I get some sleep. ^^

Jei's Quick Opinion: Tomorrow...tomorrow :)
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Post by tachikaze » Thu Oct 17, 2002 1:16 pm

Miwa's sparkly fannypack thingy holds her earphone receiver, I think.

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