DCT at the Moore... (full reviews now!)

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DCT at the Moore... (full reviews now!)

Post by jgriffee » Sat Oct 19, 2002 6:29 am

Argh. Wrote a big long post about the show, then tried to post and the damn form made me log in again -- after which it gave me a blank text field, having lost THE WHOLE THING!

okay, will try to recreate this in the morning. Suffice it to say that it was an amazing, wonderful show and I'd be rambling on about it extensively if I weren't tired and annoyed at everything right now. :)

be back later with the review!
- j

edit: it's down there now...
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I'm probably preaching to the choir, but...

Post by juri » Sat Oct 19, 2002 5:10 pm

*yawns* I'm a little tired too, although I'm writing this in afternoon, which is pretty sad. Anyways, I must agree - this was my first concert ever and it was such an amazing experience, I'm so glad I went.

My sensei emailed me one day and told me that her husand and her were going to the concert and asked if I wanted to go. To be honest, I hadn't heard of DCT before that, but I decieded the tickets were only $20 what did I have to lose? I searched around for info and I found this site and listened to one of their songs (Suki.) I don't think I was really prepared for how great they would be in concert. It's one thing to listen to a recording and it's completely another thing to hear something live. As my sensei put it, "I didn't realize Miwa's voice sounded that good live!" It was amazing to hear her belt out those notes.

I may be stating the obvious (gomen!) but Miwa is rather small woman, and as the boy yelling behind my sensei put it "KAWAII! TOTEMO KAWAII!" She jumped up and down on stage a lot and was just plain cute. Masato was very funny and entergetic, too. They kept saying how great Seattle is (they called us their Seattle Babies) and repeatidly thanked the fans. As expected, they came out for an ancour (sp?) and accepted gifts and sang 2 more songs.

During the last half or so a lot of fans stood up and started clapping and singing along at parts. That was really fun, although I didn't really know the words to the songs. That was really my only regret - I wish I had none the words to the songs or at least more Japanese. I understood the jist of what they were saying when they talked to the audience, but some of the finer points were lost to me. Also, I could be wrong (I haven't been to a concert before so I don't really know what I'm talking about) but it seemed like the preshow singer was stalling for them. He came out at about 8:05 and sang for 30 minutes or so and it wasn't until maybe 15 minutes later that DCT came on stage. By that point the audience was getting restless.

Well, I'm hooked now on DCT and I will most definately come to another of their concerts if they have one in Seattle again (they said they would!) If you ever have a chance to see them live do so.

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attempt number 2 :)

Post by jgriffee » Sat Oct 19, 2002 7:03 pm

okay... this is what I remember of the post I wrote last night. ;) Bear with me as I reconstruct...


Wow -- what a night. DCT is incredible live; I'm so glad I got the chance to see this show!

The concert, given the fact that it was in a theater with assigned seats, meant that everyone began the show, well, sitting... the crowd was actually fairly sedate, although clearly enthusiastic, for the first part of the show. People finally began to get out of their seats and dance, mostly around the edges of the crowd, during "Crystal Vine" and "Flowers". I seriously wanted to go for it during "24/7", but sadly seemed to be in the most reserved segment of the crowd, so I kept myself in the seat so I wouldn't block anyone behind me. Finally they started in on "Asa ga mata kuru" and EVERYONE leaped up.... so although we did a bit of the jack-in-the-box thing for the rest of the show (up, down, up, down, up again...) at least we got to move!

Before that point, Miwa did most of the moving, and she did it well. :) DCT's so much fun to watch onstage -- Miwa's so charismatic and charming, and Masa's a maniac over there with that bass! They wore the same clothes as previously described (somehow I'd missed the mention of The Leather Pants, which do deserve capitalization...!). They did a good job of connecting with the audience; both made a point of playing to the two balconies so as to not leave anyone out. I was in the seventh row of the ground floor's center section, so I got a good close-up view of everything -- I had fun watching the little signals the band members used amongst themselves, and the expressions on everyone's faces as they got into the music. Since I don't speak Japanese, I missed large parts of the banter, but I suspect the topics were largely similar to previous nights... Miwa dubbed us her Seattle babies for the night. ;)

The setlist also matched those in earlier reports, which was fine by me as it included several of my favorites. Oh BOY did they rock the hell out of "Flowers" and "24/7". I was so glad to hear "Shiawase na Karada"; "Snow Dance"; sounded wonderful; "Suki dake ja dame nan da" was lovely, and hey, gotta love "Crystal Vine" -- that sounded particularly good live. I think as a Disney cast member I'm contractually obligated to like it anyway. ::grin:: (Now why couldn't I have won the _Japanese_ version of the Atlantis DVD at the Newsbreak meeting last Tuesday? ha!) I was glad to hear the new tracks as well ("It's All About Love" and "Say It", and the new English song no one seems to know the name of). In general, the performances were spot-on, and the energy level from the band was fantastic.

The energy level from the audience increased in stages. There were early signs that we had diehard fans in the audience -- one of which was an actual sign, held by a guy a few rows in front of me that he'd written on the inside of a FedEx box. People would cheer out to the band between songs, too, and got replies. :) But it took the crowd a while to really cut loose. Once people began dancing, everything seemed to rise up a notch. Everyone sang along enthusiastically with "Love Love Love", although I'd been singing along (in my best faking-my-way-through-the-language manner) for quite a while! :) Nearer the end of the set, people began to filter down to the front, and once the encore began, it became the full rush-the-stage effect, with people crowding up to shake Miwa's hand / get a high-five from Masa, and to give Miwa flowers and balloons.

I joined the crowd at that point; I didn't get to the immediate front, since I was trying to avoid being trampled, ;) but it was near enough to get the excitement and the emotion of the moment; right then it really felt like I was getting to be part of something special. "Sankyu" was particularly remarkable. And just when I thought the show was over, we got an extra little treat. Again, I didn't catch most of the spoken intro, but as soon as I heard the word "Sleepless" I knew what was coming. This is Seattle, after all!

Miwa sang a bit of "Yuki No Christmas"/"Winter Song" to us, solo, with the rest of the guys standing behind her. She finished the verse with a huge smile and enthusiastic cheers from the crowd -- then she whipped out a pen and started signing autographs for the people in the front row! Obviously she didn't have time for a large number of people, but those lucky few certainly got a terrific souvenier.

All totaled, it was a wonderful show. DCT seemed geniunely pleased that so many people had come, since as Miwa pointed out, they'd never been here before. Masa told us all that "we'll be back soon", and I certainly hope they will be!

- jenn, listening to "Asa ga mata kuru" as I sign off....

p.s. The opening act was a guy-with-guitar named Mike, whose act was dubbed Reclinerland. He was okay, if not particularly remarkable (a lot of "strum strum strum strum, change chord, strum strum strum strum again"). Although the crowd clapped politely enough, the nonstop audience chatter during the songs bothered me a bit. Still, he had a good quote with, "Dreams Come True are up next.. I don't know if you know about that... but look at the ticket, they're right there." ;)

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I like it

Post by Verbalflo » Sun Oct 20, 2002 4:48 am

Dreams come true gave an awesome performance! I was so glad my friend told me about their concert on Wednesday, I might have missed it! We bought tickets at the doors, and got 11th row seats!

The opening act, Reclinerhead, playing songs from his new Reclinerland CD, wasn't all that bad. I felt bad for him, though, because everyone was talking during his performance. He almost all the tracks on his CD. The general mode of it was sort of dreamy and melancholy. It reminded me of recliners. Listen to reclinerhead

After that guy left, Miwa jumped on stage and started with Flowers (I think) and then played lots of songs off of MGO. The energy was amazing. My friend, who doesn't really listen to Japanese music, let alone DCT, was extatic during the majority of the performance. About half-way through, the band got everyone really pumped up, and most everyone stood up and clapped along. Finally, towards the end, lots of people creeped up to the front and Miwa touched hands. After they left the set, everyone clapped around for an encore; I even heard my friend yelling, "Come back!!". Thankfully, they all came back and played a couple more songs again.

Miwa was very pleased that so many people came out to see the concert. She was so suprised at how full the theatre was, it was really cute! Most importantly, she said she would come back and play in Seattle again! I can't wait! Masa also said, "I love you!" to the crowd. I bought the CD after the show.

All in all, it was a very good concert that I'm glad to have been to. It was so great to have been there, I'll never forget it. Now I bet you wish you would have gone! Well, get tickets next time then!

The best part: Miwa said she's coming back to sing for us Seattle babies again.
The 2nd best part: I have most of the concert recorded live on my micro-cassette recorder.

It's safe to say, I'm definately more of a DCT fan after that concert. I can't wait for Miwa to come back to see us Seattle Babies! Next time, they'll probably have to play at a bigger venue.

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Where were you sitting

Post by Chris Stetson » Wed Oct 23, 2002 11:47 am

Hey everyone,
I was wondering where everyone was sitting during the concert; The lady at the ticketmaster in my town said that it was all general admission, which I found out was wrong as soon as the thing started and I had to find my way to the second balcony -- How about that stairwell? haha! The theater was all really nice looking until you get to the stairwell to the general admission seating.

I was sitting in the center section of the second balcony, in about the middle row.

The show was pretty good, one of my friends was gonna come to the concert with me but he had some really tough courses that he couldn't miss to drive up to seattle. Ahwell... Talk to you all later, probably at the jpop forums.

Chris Stetson.

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