Jim Lick's review of the Fillmore concert

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Jim Lick's review of the Fillmore concert

Post by Jei » Mon Oct 28, 2002 11:46 pm

[Thanks to Jim for letting me post this here -Jei]

Jim Lick's review of the Fillmore concert

Sounds like the San Francisco concert and the LA one were pretty similiar.

I got to the Fillmore around 6:20pm for the 7:00 door opening. There was already a pretty good line by then, but no more than a couple hundred people in front of me. By the time the show started, the Fillmore was pretty much filled. They were still selling tickets at the box office, but I'm not sure how many more people they could have squeezed in.

I ended up towards the side of the stage about 5 feet back, pretty much directly in front of where Masa was playing. Watching him play is a riot, because of his whacky facial expressions. I also had problems with the Japanese girls constantly squeezing forward, though since I'm pretty tall, I let it slide a bit. During the encore Miwa came along the stage to greet everyone and during this shuffle I ended up one person back from the front for the last couple of songs.

We only had one opening act, who said she opened at the HOB LA show. She was good, but definitely out of genre. You'd be hard pressed to find an opening act that was less appropriate than she was.

But that was soon forgiven, as DCT came on and rocked the house. The backup band was pretty decent, especially the drummer. They mixed the keyboards down pretty low, not sure if they were worried about missing Taka or what. Miwa and Masa were full of energy and were acting like the usual characters they are in concert. I think "All about love" and "Crystal Vine" were probably the highlights of their act.

I hope they will plan a date in Taiwan soon so I can see them again.

Jim Lick

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Post by jlick » Wed Dec 15, 2004 6:22 am

Heh, I finally get around to getting hooked up on dctjoy.com and find my old stuff posted here already. (Yes, I did give Jay permission to.) That was a really great concert. Now I'm trying to get tickets to their new tour for the Nagoya dates on Feb 22 or 23. Hope I can make it. And please please come back to Taiwan again!!! Last time they came I didn't know about it until I happened to see it on TV. Argh!!!! And while I'm wishing, please put that concert on DVD too. The performance of "Come Closer" was absolutely amazing, only second to Mirai Yosouzu II from Wonderland '91.

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