10 years go by fast!

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10 years go by fast!

Post by sdankoehler » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:50 pm

I admit I'm a bit late in posting this, with a hectic work schedule and a pregnant wife, my life's been a bit busy...but in a good way...:)

It was 10 years ago this month that Dreams Come True went on their Monkey Girl Odyssey West Coast Mix tour. It was my first time seeing them live. October 16, 2002 at the Fillmore in San Francisco!

I can still remember arriving 3 hours early for the show and being among the first in line. A line that would eventually span over 2 blocks.

I remember the frenzy to get in when the doors were opened. People trying so hard to get to the front row. I remember the crowd going nuts when the lights were dimmed, only to be a bit subdued when it was just the "Sheryl Crow-like" opening act. I wonder what happened to her?

The lights came back up so the stage-hands could clear the opening act's equipment. When the lights were dimmed again the building shook with all the noise! It was at this point Masa came out and gave everyone in the front row, including me, a high five! After about 15 more seconds Miwa came out on stage, and the place just erupted! Snow Dance was the first tune. She barely got the first word out before the crowd exploded in intense cheering again at the sound of her voice.

I cheered for them so loud that I almost passed out. Making it a bit more embarrassing, Masa noticed and said to Miwa "Look at this guy, I think he's losing his mind!" Then he kept asking if I was ok...As much as I felt embarrassed at the time, it was a very good memory. :)

Wow, it feels like only yesterday. I've seen them one other time at DWL 2007 in Tokyo. It's hard to say which was a better experience. They were both unique and wonderful in their own ways. Being so close in San Francisco, but being surrounded by so many other DCT fans in Tokyo. Tough call!

Anyone else have any memories of the 2002 shows they'd like to share? I guess that makes this forum 10 years old too!

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Post by Jei » Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:48 am

Yep...10 years :)

Saw them at the House of Blues in Vegas in '02. (Literally spent less than 24 hrs in Vegas...just came for the show :D). I still have the card from show up in my cube at work. ("Why does she have a flower on her eye?" I get sometimes) :)

I loved seeing them for the first time, especially in such a small venue. (Folks in the crowd were surprised that I had traveled so far to see them ^^).

My special moment...to quote my old post: "Midway through the concert, someone throws a small stuffed SpiderMan doll up on stage between songs. It catches Miwa's attention immediately. She picks it up, shows it to Masa....pauses a couple seconds and deposits the web slinger into the front of her top. The reaction from the crowd (especially the guys) was priceless. ^_^ I thought she was actually going to sing a song with Spidey in tow, but she removed him and placed him next to flowers she'd received earlier. ^^"
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