[5/29/2002] DCTGardenNYC Tour Report: Irving Plaza (New York City) - monkey girl odyssey us-mix tour

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[5/29/2002] DCTGardenNYC Tour Report: Irving Plaza (New York City) - monkey girl odyssey us-mix tour

Post by Jei » Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:03 am

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(Moving these old tour reports from the defunct DCTGardenNYC here...you'll see why soon enough :) Enjoy a look back!)
Dreams Come True fans lined up early for a chance to be among the select few to see their beloved band perform a rare U.S. concert. The band did not disappoint them. As the band took the stage, the mixed audience of Japanese and Americans yelled "Masa !" in honor of the musical leader of Dreams Come True, Masa Nakamura. The audience screamed with joy as the last person to hit the stage was Miwa Yoshida. The band launched in "Snow Dance" and followed with some of the bands most popular hit songs from Japan. Longtime fans were elated and new comers felt the excitement and energy that has pleased a nation for the past 12 years.

If all this wasn't enough, the packed house was soon to be the first to hear new material from Dreams Come True. It did not take long for the audience to realize that the new material was as dynamic as the many hits the band has created over their amazing career. During one of these songs, Ms. Yoshida introduced their support artist, Ron Sexsmith. Last fall, Ron and Dreams Come True co-wrote the breath taking new ballad, "One Yesterday". This was their first opportunity to perform the song before an audience and they made the most of it. Veteran musicians joined the Dreams Come True nucleus of Miwa and Masa. Paul Pesco played guitar, Billy Stein played keyboards and Nir Z. played drums as if they had been performing together for years.

Dreams Come True played their MTV Award nominated song "Crystal Vine", and some of their most upbeat classics that moved the audience to dance and cheer wildly with enthusiasm. Dreams Come True effortlessly shifted between speaking and performing in English and in Japanese to the delight of the mixed crowd. After performing two encores, Ms. Yoshida promised to return to Washington DC real soon and the audience showered her with flowers and praise. The band returned the favor with handshakes, hugs and kisses.
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