DCT songs streaming on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google

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DCT songs streaming on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google

Post by Jei » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:31 pm

DCT songs are now streaming on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google in both US & Japanese stores!

US Stores: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google Plus Music

If you subscribe to any of those services, be sure check out the Dreams Come True pages on each and listen to your heart's content :)
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Re: DCT songs streaming on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google

Post by Johnny » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:42 pm

Thanks for the heads up now on google play they have added alot more DCT albums and singles to buy there was five or so last time i checked. They used to have The Monster (English),The Monster (Jap), Sing or Die (Jap),Sing or Die (English),Monkey Girl Odyssey,Wasuremono Banchou and that was about it now they have a lot of older singles and albums and newer ones like Attack 25 ect. :D

I wish more DCT albums were on murfie https://www.murfie.com/about ,http://www.murfie.com, The way i found about murfie was DCT I found a digital copy of Song of Joy (USA Release) which has the Jimmi Jam and Tony Moran mixes of song of joy.
All murfie does is you pay them to take your music collection and convert them to hi quality mp3 and FLAC and then you can trade and sell them if you buy a cd you pay to keep it on the cloud and can download in mp3 or FLAC you can also stream as well. If you sell a CD or get the physical CD sent to your address you cannot download the digital conversion or stream because you don't own the CD makes sense.

Sorry for my murfie mini advertising if anybody has any old dct cds they don't want get them on murfie I will buy them lol. The FAQ explains it better than I did lol : https://www.murfie.com/faq :D
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