Puffy in one week!

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Puffy in one week!

Post by sdankoehler » Mon Oct 04, 2004 5:28 pm

Puffy will play at the Fillmore in San Francisco in one week. :) Tickets are still available, and they are pretty cheap. $18.50 at www.ticketmaster.com. They will also play in LA on Sunday at the House of Blues.

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Post by tachikaze » Fri Oct 08, 2004 12:49 am

hahah that's what I paid for DCT.

Can't believe it's been nearly two years already.

I haven't seen Puffy live, but I think they're pretty laid back so it wouldn't surprise me if they seem to 'phone it in'.

Of the well-known j-pop acts, Puffy is pretty low on my list of must-sees.

Every Little Thing, I like since Kaori Mochida seems to have a lot of Poise.

I'd like to see some real musicians like Shiina Ringo or *really* The Brilliant Green, or Hitomi since she's so tall and teh hottie.

Puffy had a pretty funny TV show in the late 90s -- "PaPaPa-Puffy". They are certainly a likeable pair.

MAX would be fun, they're kinda like Destiny's Child (or more accurately Destiny's Child is kinda like them); "Gimme Gimme Shake!" was the standout stupid song of 1998 that they can be proud of.

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