Bentley Jones' TRANS//LATION

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Bentley Jones' TRANS//LATION

Post by Yukifox » Thu May 07, 2009 3:15 pm

If you guys are as big Sonic fans as I am then I'm sure you know this guy. n.n

Bentley Jones (aka Lee Brotherton / REMiX Factory) just recently released his debut album 'TRANS//LATION' via Japan EMI in March. It's got some pretty good stuff on it and if you liked "Dreams of an Absolution" from Several Wills (Sonic 2006) or any of his recent remixes then this you should definately pick this up. I'm going to order it as soon as I have some extra money but from the clips on his site it sounds pretty good!

It's apparently a JP/EN cover/rewrite album and he has a lot of support from the original artists on this so that's cool. n.n Hope it does well, the first single from it FINAL NIGHT got into the top 10 on the International Daily charts, that's good!

Anyway, here's the site!

It's available on CD Japan, HMV, YesAsia and!

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