DCT Street Live

What TV show is Dreams Come True appearing on this week?
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DCT Street Live

Post by nakoruru » Mon Mar 06, 2006 1:25 am

Someone was kind enough to upload the whole episode of Domoto Tsuyoshi No Shoujiki Shindoi where DCT played that street live:

http://mullemeck.serveftp.org/jps_beta/ ... s&id=17550

Edit: I just watched the show. So in this show, Tsuyoshi takes the guest(s) out to do some activities. Miwa picked ice skating, she is pretty good and so is Tsuyoshi. Masa did not skate though. Pretty funny sometimes, very entertaining to watch.

Wa~i! I loved that super kawaii pair of Hello Kitty gloves Miwa is using. I want a pair too! :P

Then they go to the park, reherse a little playing Nando Demo and Love Love Love. Talk a little, they bought something to eat I didn't understand the name nor figured by its looks. :shock:

Then we get to see the street live. I envy those lucky people to death, getting to see DCT up close and personal like that. Finally, I recommend to everyone to download the show. It is really nice to see Miwa and Masa as always and their interviews are interesting.

The performance itself was uploaded to JPOP Suki as well:

http://mullemeck.serveftp.org/jps_beta/ ... s&id=17383

Which reminds me that the Street Live was uploaded to YouTube as well:

[Removed Link -Jei]

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Post by tachikaze » Sat Mar 11, 2006 2:39 am

well, that was kinda like how it was at the Fillmore in 2002, though we were closer actually.

As for the video, samusou! [looks cold!] Everytime I think about going back I should remember how fricking cold it got in the winter.

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Post by nogizaka » Sat Mar 18, 2006 11:49 pm

My wife and I finally were able to watch- a lot of fun seeing Miwa and Masa more informally!

Miwa tried speed skating in high school, but she could not picture herself in a tight-fitting black outfit against a white background, so she quit. You can see she is pretty good at skating forward or backward, but does not know anything about figure skating- Tsuyoshi knows how to spin, and Miwa did well learning, since she was already comfortable on skates- I imagine we saw only one fall of all whole blooper reel of them. Masa doesn't know how to skate, and like me, probably thinks of new physical activities in terms of what kind of injuries could be incurred (although he did that trapeeze training- I don't think I'd try that).

Miwa says she has had those gloves for twenty years- look for them on e-bay!

They are eating yakimo- baked sweet potato- totemo oishii and the closest thing you can get in the States is buying them in an Asian grocery store, and those are still not as good as what you can get from the street vendors in Japan. Yakimo and hot green tea are probably the best defense against that kind of cold.

Imagine what a crowd they would draw just practicing in a park- the security must have been unreal!

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