Music Station performance list

What TV show is Dreams Come True appearing on this week?
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Music Station performance list

Post by nakoruru » Thu May 11, 2006 12:04 pm

I did some digging on Music Station's official time and I compiled a list of all performances DCT ever did on the show! :) All listed in bold are the ones I managed to download so far:


1989/11/24 Ureshi Hazukashi Asagaeri


1990/02/23 Egao no Yukue


1991/04/19 Eyes to Me

1991/05/10 Eyes to Me

1991/10/18 Wasurenaide

1991/11/15 Wasurenaide / Eyes to Me


1992/11/13 Haretara ii ne

1992/11/13 Kessen wa Kinyoubi


1993/12/03 Ame no Owaru Basho / Go For It!


1994/02/04 Winter Song

1994/08/12 Special

Anata ni Aitakute
Jazzy "M"
Go for It
Love Tide
A Little Waltz
Iron na Kimochi
Kessen wa Kinyoubi
Ai Shiteru Ai Shiteta

1994/11/04 Suki / Kitsuite yo


1995/03/24 Sankyu / The Signs of Love

1995/04/07 Sankyu / Mirai Yosouzu II / It's so Delicious

1995/07/21 Love Love Love / Koi no wana shikakemasho

1995/11/10 Love Love Love / Romance


1996/04/05 Love Love Love / Shichigatsu Nanoka Hare / Shiawase na Karada

1996/11/22 Sou da Yo

1996/12/27 Shigatsu Nanoka Hare / Sou Da Yo

1996/12/27 Manatsu no Fun-P (Live Version)


1997/10/24 Peace! / Marry Me?

1997/11/14 Ahaha

1997/11/14 Ai Suru Kokoko

1997/12/26 Peace! / Marry Me?


1998/02/13 Beautiful Boy


1999/01/22 Asa ga Mata Kuru

1999/04/02 Asa ga Mata Kuru / Nante Koi Shita n Darou


2000/11/17 24/7


2001/02/09 Suki Dake Ja Dame Nanda

2001/07/13 Itsu no ma ni

2001/12/07 Pride Nante Shiranai

2001/12/28 Snow Dance / Itsu no ma ni






2004/06/18 Yasashii Kisu o Shite / Ola Vitoria

2004/11/05 Winter Song / Love Letter

2004/12/24 Yasashii Kisu o Shite


2005/04/29 Nando Demo

2005/12/23 Jet!!! / Nando Demo


2006/02/17 Memai

2006/02/24 Proud of You

2006/03/31 Memai
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Post by Jei » Sat May 13, 2006 1:48 am

Thanks for posting this here! :)

I'd love to see that '94 even has the host of Music Station playing the trumpet with DCT in Jazzy M ^^
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Post by nakoruru » Thu May 25, 2006 12:02 am

I found the same user on WinMX again (small world!) and downloaded some DCT files, including the following MS performances:

1992/11/13 Kessen wa Kinyoubi (It is a medley with Haretara ii ne but I only found the second song online)

1996/11/22 Sou da Yo

1996/12/27 Manatsu no Fun-P (Live Version)

1997/12/26 Peace! / Marry Me?

I added them to the list. By the way, since I checked EVERY episode of Music Station I can say for sure that DCT was the only band that got a whole show for themselves. Ain't that grant? We gotta watch that special, someday...

Totally off topic and maybe not really interesting, Jean Michel Jarre was a guest on MS on the mid-90s. :shock: I would love to see that ep too!

Edit: I will share these and some other DCT videos I leeched from WinMX soon.

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