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Nakanoshma LOVE CENTRAL opens Dec 12 in Osaka

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:03 am
by Jei
There's a mini-town area opening up in Osaka on Dec. 15 called "Nakanoshima LOVE CENTRAL". DCT collaborated with the Osaka municipal government with the naming of the facilities, as well as opening "sumile OSAKA", within the mini-town.


* "Nakanoshima RIVER WONDERLAND" - a wedding chapel "crystal vine" / banquet hall "SUNSHINE"

On the wall of the chapel, the lyrics of "ETERNITY" and "THIS IS IT! YOU'RE THE ONE! I KNEW IT" (The English version of "Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!") are engraved with Miwa's signature. Miwa supervised the design.

* restaurant "sumile OSAKA"

A sister restaurant to their "sumile TOKYO"

* river cruise "PEACE!"

* lounge "NOCTURNE" - cafe/restaurant


Check out the official site: