A non-DCT song composed by Masa

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A non-DCT song composed by Masa

Post by Mercury » Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:40 am

I was searching Youtube for Masa's name, spelled in Kanji, as I do occasionally, and came across a PV and live version of a song by Mariko Nagai (Kanji: 永井真理子), called Midsummer Eve (Kanji: 真夏のイヴ).

It seems Masa is the composer and arranger! You can sure hear it.

In the live performance, it looks like Takahiro and perhaps Masa (it's hard to tell, they barely show the third musician) are backing her!

I'd never known about this, so it was a pretty cool find for me. I wonder what other songs he's written for other artists that I still don't know about...

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Post by Johnny » Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:31 am

Thank you for this information search 真夏のイヴ/永井真理子 under the user-name levin5044 on you-tube there is a live performance you don't see Masa as much but it's definately him plus you see Takihiro and it looks like he's actually playing some keyboard also when I saw the thumbnail of the video I was like it that Miwa but it isn't *shot*.

This is very interesting who knows what else in the way of music\jpop Masa has composed but hearing songs from the audrey project demo tape would be cool. Because a lot of there earlier songs were based on the songs from that demo tape.

DCT is crazy I haven't even brought half of there albums yet so for me there's a lot to discover but. They have 30 seconds previews of all there songs in (.rm) real media format to stream\download in the discography section on DCT garden , I think that is cool and gives you an idea of what the songs are like and the remixes on some singles.
masa and miwa and taka too
even though there now a duo dreams come true. :)

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