Another "hi!" from England (Ireland and HK too)

Let your fellow fans know who you are, where you're from, why you love DCT, etc...
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Another "hi!" from England (Ireland and HK too)

Post by newrynyuk » Sun Aug 01, 2004 4:19 pm

Newrynyuk here saying hello to all DCT folk!

Although I'm now living and working in London, I was born in Ireland of Hong Kong parents (a frightening combination, I know!). I visit them in Hong Kong most Christmases, and in 2000/01 I took the opportunity to add in a short visit to Tokyo too. Whilst there I was browsing in Tower Records and heard 'Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!' and was taken instantly. I bought 'The Soul' compilation and played it on and off since.

I don't speak a word of Japanese and so was pleasantly surprised to discover this excellent website on DCT in English. Upon reading Jei's ecstatic review of Wonderland 2003, I bought the DVD from cdjapan and am now fully hooked. So much so that, circumstances and finances permitting, I intend to go to the next Wonderland in 2007 (you may have seem me start a topic along those lines in the On Tour forum).

Well, that's my story. Take care y'all.

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