Hallo, One and All! ^_^

Let your fellow fans know who you are, where you're from, why you love DCT, etc...
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Hallo, One and All! ^_^

Post by Yukifox » Sun Mar 23, 2008 2:53 am

Hello everyone!

Greetings here from America. ^_^
A fairly old/new Dreams Come True fan. I've actually been interested in the band for several years, pulling songs off of P2P but honestly they're really hard to find, and unfortunately the CDs are far too expensive for me. ;o;

The first time I ever heard anything by the members of DCT was of course the first two Sonic games (which happened to be the first games I ever played, still a really big Sonic and Sonic music fan. ^-^), of course I didn't know this at the time. Later I learned it was Sweet Sweet Sweet at the end of Sonic 2 but I really didn't think too much about it.

What really got my attention though was finding the DCT pack for Stepmania. I was amazed at the variety and range of the songs and some of them (IT's SO Delicious, LOVE TIDE, and LAT 43N come to mind) really got my attention, so I went about trying to look for full versions and I found this site.

Now I've been coming off and on for a while, but I haven't really been able to get ahold of much until recently (Yay, torrents!). Osaka Lover completely blew me away and I knew I was back into it. ^-^

This last album was great and I've been trying to find all I can ever since. ^___^ I'm a bit OCDish when it comes to these things and once I latch onto something, I've got to have it all. So I'm going for a full collection on my computer and I'm going to start buying CDs when I get some more money.

Anyway, my other musical interests are varied from Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson to Peter Gabriel and Genesis to video game music to classical and standard rock. I'm an avid (though not very good) DDR and PUMP It UP player and an aspiring comic/furry artist. ^_^ (Failing that I'm going to school to be an accountant. ^ ^; )

I have a love for spreadsheets and I'm currently making a DCT discog spreadsheet using this site's info so when that's done I"ll post it. =3

Lesse.... what else...

Just faves I guess!

Fave Song (Current): Osaka Lover
Fave Song (All Time): LAT 43N ~forty-three degrees north latitude~
Fave Album (Current): And I Love You
Fave Album (All Time): Love Goes On...

(Unfortunately, not much experience in this catagory, but hey! :3)

Thanks for letting me on and I'm sure I'll enjoy being here. ^___^

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Post by tachikaze » Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:41 pm


too bad you don't live in Tokyo . . . in December 1999 I walked out of TSUTAYA's Ebisu store with DCT's complete catalog in my backpack . . . all on 5 day rental for something like $50 total IIRC.

(back then TSUTAYA only sold blank cassettes and not CDRs . . . I wanted to tell them to get with the future but I'm sure they're caught up now)

(since I create IP for a living, to preserve my IP karma I didn't do a full rip of the back catalog, I just made a single "best of" CDR of the top songs that fit in 650MB . . .)

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Post by Jei » Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:51 pm

Welcome to the group, Yukifox!

It always amazes me how many fans worldwide have come to know DCT through the Sonic games. :)

You shouldn't have too much trouble getting all of the CDs...even the older ones are available on most of the popular Japanese CD sites. And you can always look on the auction sites for special deals.
I went buck-wild in '99 completing my collection in Osaka...got interesting looks from the cashiers. :)

Would definitely recommend trying out the Wonderland DVDs...^_-

Welcome again!
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