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Just a thought.

Post by sdankoehler » Sat May 10, 2003 4:37 pm

Miwa just had her birthday, so here's my generalized shout-out.


Kinda lame, I know, but I thought someone should mention it, lest anyone DARE forget.

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Video on web.

Post by sdankoehler » Sun May 18, 2003 7:21 pm

Hey, anyone seen the new video from Miwa's B&H 2 CD? It's on DCTgardennyc.com now. :)

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Post by sdankoehler » Tue Jul 08, 2003 5:35 pm

Dctgarden has a recent interview of Miwa and Masa on it's wonderland site. Anyone read Japanese?

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Post by tachikaze » Sun Jul 13, 2003 3:45 am

"Nature" themed Wonderland 2003.
Completely different Wonderland from previous,
but what exactly will it be?
So, this time how to enjoy?
Dorikamu's pair answers all.

The Olympics, the World Cup, Dorimukamu Wonderland!

Yoshida Miwa (from here Yoshida): now, the reason wonderland is once every four years
the initial point in time in '91 only 4 albums were out...
with the usual concert, the focus is on the songs of the new album, right
but if we were to do this we wouldn't be able to perform songs even we wanted to do,
well, save up songs every 4 years, we started out like Dori's Greatest Hits festival
favorite songs would be chosen for us by the concert goers, from them I'd further decide on my favorite songs

Nakamura Masato (from here Nakamura): Olympics, World Cup, hence Dorikamu Wonderland (laugh).
Even continuing for 12 years, it's still big fun for us.
Even with the same songs, with each occurence piling up, the maturing can be seen. but it's only the 4th time you see.
To explain wonderland, I want to make memories.

Yoshida: For me, Wonderland is a very important time where doing anything is permitted.
I feel that explanation is difficult though!
Outside and singing singing, my voice not reflecting off of anything,
that my voice up to heaven highly rises
I look at the darkening sky while singing, gaze at the stars....
It's OK for the people who come to just want to ["no", get into it?]
I just want them to carefreely relax, have fun in the summer sun

Nakamura: To explain Wonderland, I want to make memories for family and/or friends together
Even for us, this time there are many new venues, so my advice is for everyone to make this an occasion, Okinawa people to come up to Hokkaido, and the other way.
It's the height of summer at a ski place, so it's a pretty good place to go, right...
On the Internet, what's the delicacies, what's the famous goods, if there's nearby famous old historic places, things like that, venue neighborhood information can look up ahead of time.

Yoshida: it feels like a "coast-to-coast" travel tour
Nakamura: Now is best for a nation travel tour. This time's Wonderland there will be a Family Space, I want families to come with ease.
This won't be a garish gadget, but really slow and thick songs
This time is very different from '95. There's no Big Suspended set.
In its place, natural one day middle of the stream music local flavor thing.

Yoshida: Involving local people, we *really* want this to be like a festival

Nakamura: This time, the local people doing this for us we can feel their enthusiasm, my heart was moved.
Without such local cooperation, this time's Wonderland couldn't be done at all.
This same thing can be said for all the fans,
Dorikamu's songs are nearly 200 but, upon looking at the Wonderland requests,
We have requests from fans of the old days, people who started listening to Dorikamu recently, so songs from each album must certainly be included.
When seeing that, I am overjoyed.
Very encouraged by it.

By the way Yoshida-san, this time's Wonderland, what are you doing?
Yoshida: As for me, I want to sing slow songs.
With no garish devices, to really sing a lot of slow songs
While looking at the people who've come for me's faces one by one . . .
The wind blowing there, that's the greatest!

Nakamura: Now, for me that's a great image (laughs).
To sum up, I think Dorikamu best ever songs and performance, so I want this to be a must-see.

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